Dear 2020,

None of this sh*t was on my vision board.

I'm going to feel EMPOWERED ANYWAY.

SOLD OUT! See you next time.


Saturday November 7, 12-5 ET

Learn the Skill and Science of STAYING CENTERED in a stressful world.

Only $97 for this Life ChangingVirtual Workshop!

Dear Sister, As if life wasn't already hard enough, add the stress of the pandemic, racism & sexism into the mix and it's enough to make a strong woman snap.

If you feel like its all just too much and you wish you could stay centered and feel empowered, you’ve come to the right place. We are two women who understand that the best learning happens in a safe soothing setting with information given in just the right dose for you to really embody it.

By the end of this virtual workshop you’ll leave with your own PERSONALIZED 5 Step System so you can feel calm and centered, even during stressful times. Come as you are and leave feeling EMPOWERED ANYWAY. Love, Casey and Elizabeth

The Happy Woman Formula is a trauma informed system based in neuroscience for training yourself to experience more joy every day.

The Experience of The Happy Woman Formula 

You probably already do things to feel centered. The problem is that they only work for a short amount of time... and sometimes they don't work at all. Using this reliable 5 step system you'll have a simple checklist to help you Connect with your Inner Power & STAY Centered, Calm, & Happy even during stressful times.

Step 1 BRINGWe start the day by creating your safe space so you can BRING yourself to center feeling soothed and cozy. You can even attend from bed! You'll discover your own hidden signals so from now on you'll be able to get centered again FAST!

Step 2 BREATH Practice safe ways to use your breath to switch off stress hormones, switch on relaxation hormones and ease your inner tension. You'll be able to calm anxiety, lift depression, and even STOP a panic attack!

Step 3 BODY Sink into somatic methods that release tension & trauma as they increase your ability to feel love and pleasure. Develop deeper gratitude, connection, and intuition with your body. Plus, we'll virtually enjoy a yummy lunch together.

Step 4 BE Let go of overwhelm and allow expanded states of BEing to activate healing brainwaves, ignite creativity, which will lead to boosted productivity in your life ~ all while feeling deeply relaxed. Learn what to do when you're under pressure and the profound secret to easily meditate anytime, anywhere.

Step 5 BOLD: Inner World Actions Now you're primed to rewire your brain, embody stronger energy frequencies and increase happy hormone production so you can sustain your ability to feel happy for longer periods of time. You'll activate attraction energy to more easily manifest healthy relationships and prosperity.

Step 5 BOLD: Outer World Actions You'll leave with a personalized Empowered Anyway Action Plan for you to take into your life so you can feel centered in your power no matter what!

Neuro-based embodiment training involes your energy, emotions, mindset, and body to create real change for the better inside of you and in your life.

Rave Reviews for Elizabeth & Casey 

"Before my first Happy Woman Academy workshop, I felt like I was on an endless treadmill with the same problems. My love life, home, career, emotions, and money issues were all impacting my life in a major way and no matter which way I turned, there they were. I figured out that I couldn’t do this alone anymore. I started seeing positive results after 1 workshop! Instead of staying stuck, I got unstuck. In less than I year I’ve opened myself to new positive possibilities and gained a soul freedom and strength that I never knew was in me."  

- S.T. Executive Editor - Venice, CA

Casey Hall is so gifted. The session she facilitated allowed me to truly drop into my body and really feel. I was feeling so stuck and as if I was not being heard nor using my voice. Casey held a supportive safe space for me to share and from that sharing, she gently led me into a physical and visionary experience that allowed my throat to open and release what was bottled up inside. Truly a powerful and uplifting experience."

- Carla Poluha, Healer, Red Tent - Pittsburgh, PA

"Having never done this kind of coaching or deep subconscious work before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Overall, I learned a lot about myself I don’t think I would have without Casey’s guidance, expertise and understanding nature and the safe space she provided. Her great energy alone helped me look forward to our sessions. The thing that amazed me most was how much we can learn about ourselves and our mind on such a deep level if we have the proper guidance and space. We just have to learn how to listen."

Sarah Ramsey - Pittsburgh, PA

"Elizabeth and her work have entirely changed my perspective on life and most importantly changed how I treat myself. She has taught me how to give myself the kindness and compassion I need, and helped me discover what true self-care feels like. By breaking my cycles of self-sabotage and self-abuse, I am now able to receive healthy love and support in all areas of my life. I am in a wonderfully loving and joyful marriage, and by reminding myself to put her tools deeper into practice this year, my career is the stuff my dreams are made of. I am often wary of guru-mentality and people who sell a bunch of bs. What I love about Elizabeth's work is there's a tangible, practical value and she walks her talk. She has helped me learn how to ask for what I need and trust my own wisdom. I can think of nothing more empowering and valuable than that." -

S.B. Actor - Los Angeles, CA

"I can't remember ever feeling this free in my body.

I didn't think I could."

About Trauma Healer Elizabeth Menzel

Elizabeth skillfully combines her 27 years of neuromuscular therapy, physics based hands on energy healing, neurobiological brain training, & Conscious Manifestation Embodiment work with mindfulness and compassion.

Motivated by healing her own depression and PTSD symptoms, Elizabeth has dedicated her life to helping others overcome the physical and emotional effects of trauma. She's a 4 time best selling author, public speaker, and mentor who has traveled the world to deliver over 300 of her award winning workshops.  Thousands have benefitted from her phenomenal healing skills.

Elizabeth has worked with some of the most influential people in the world, including billionaire industry moguls, academic thought-leaders, Olympiads, and international heads of state. Elizabeth also has a star clientele including Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, and Sharon Stone, just to name a few. She now works with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

About Sensuality Coach Casey Hall

Casey has spent the past 12 years fine-tuning her passion for helping people improve their relationship with themselves. 

She began her career teaching nutrition and physical activity to children and adults with disabilities. She then went on to teach wellness on a larger scale, focusing on disease management, weight loss, and holistic stress management.  

After coaching thousands of people, she recognized that forming a healthy relationship with one’s sensuality was the missing the holistic wellness equation and became certified as a Sex, Love, and Relationship coach.

Healthy sensuality means being connected to our senses, to the messages our body is constantly giving us, and understanding how this connection plays a crucial role in our relationship to ourselves and others. 

Casey is now a full time professional Sensuality Coach. She loves her work and knows that it's what she came here to do.

"See you at the Empowered Anyway Women's Day over Zoom!"

With Care, Casey & Elizabeth