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HAPPY WOMAN Group Training Program
An Invitation Only
Science Based Sacred Circle for Spiritual Women

Join International Healer Elizabeth Menzel on a deep inner journey of healing.

If you’re reading this,
it’s because you are READY to live as
the happiest version of yourself.

Connect in safe and sacred space with other compassionate women who value their well-being to end the struggle of juggling work, kids, romance, body... and find your healthy pace.

In The Happy Woman Group Training Program you'll receive the tools and training you need to EXPERIENCE yourself as centered, worthy, confident, powerful, happy, and energized yet relaxed -
no matter what you've gone through in the past or what life throws at you in the future.

A Sacred Circle for spiritual women who are
ready to stand strong in their full Power!

Are any of these true about you?

- You take care of everyone & everything else first and put yourself last.
- You don't like asking for help. 
- You feel like you don't belong.
- “Negative energy” throws you off and brings you down.
- You feel like you aren't enough or are scared you will never have enough.
- You are so busy doing what everyone else wants you to do, that you've lost track of what makes you happy. 

If you resonate with anything on that list, I have great news:
You are definitely in the right place to learn how to end the struggle and heal!  

 "If you aren't training to connect with your power,
you are training to disconnect from your power. " 
~Elizabeth Menzel

Step into a life where you have the ability to
connect with your power and feel centered & happy whenever you want.
Here’s a quick peek at
The Happy Woman Sacred Circle Group Training...
Level One - 3 month jump start

The Happy Woman Formula is a neurobiological and energetic awareness training that takes place in a very specific order. The entire training program takes 1 year to complete. In level one you'll get grounded in the routine of incorporating 1 new lesson per week into your daily life 3x a month for 3 months.

This organic natural pace of learning trains your system to feel centered, energized, calm and happy as your new normal way of being. 

Level One Covers Step 1 BRING all modules, and Step 2 BREATH first 3 Modules. You will learn very powerful yet simple techniques that signal your brain that you are safe and create "feel good hormones."

You will also discover how to easily and quickly create new neural pathways to feeling centered and relaxed all day long. This is the foundation of all healing and totally necessary for making the other healing things you are doing in your life finally WORK.

You will have a training call every week for 3 weeks per month, with one week off. This easy to follow structure helps you to integrate your lessons with consistency and support, but without pressure and without taking a ton of time.

During your training calls, you will get personal attention as Elizabeth uses her phenomenal healing skills to accurately see inside of your body and energy field to tell exactly where you are blocked and help you overcome your issues. You'll be carefully guided through your healing process with ultimate care and respect. Making leaps and bounds on your healing path!

Prefer a Payment Plan?
$697 down now, $597 before the Program begins

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Invest in Your Self.

Level One
Jump Start

The Entire 12 month Happy Woman Formula Training Course

3 months of training calls + 2 Bonus Calls

3 Non-Linear Movement Method Classes

Membership in FB Private Sacred Circle Support Group
Sign up today get 1 FREE ticket to the Live Weekend Sacred Training Event
($400 value)

Regular Investment
$2000 Pmt Plan
$1700 Paid in full
for FIRST 10 Women who commit
Only $1200
YES I'm in!

Here are 3 Reasons This Program Will Help You Become the Most Centered, Powerful, & Worthy You Have Ever Felt -
No Matter Where You Are Starting From Right Now!

#1 Get to the root of the issue.
You are a complex being. Your mind can be very tricky and hide what is really blocking your success and happiness. But the healing systems I’m trained in enable me to see through all of your blocks and get directly to the root of the issue every time. As long as you are truly willing to heal, you will receive what you need to be directly on the path to overcoming even your toughest issues.
#2 Go beyond mindset.
Mindset is a wonderful healing tool, but it can’t create the transformation you truly desire all on its own. No holding back here, learn the fastest easiest ways possible to use your body, brain, and energy to make new neural pathways & consciously create the changes you want now, and in your future.
#3 Gain science based knowledge coupled with experiential wisdom.
I’ve had over 12 years of education and 25 years of professional practice and I know how to take you through every stage of the healing process. You will not simply be “broken open” or re-traumatized and then left to pick up the pieces. You are guaranteed to have a very safe, real, and thoroughly transformational experience.

Yes, this is very serious personal growth work, but you know what the best thing about this is? 
                                                YOU’LL HAVE FUN AND FEEL GOOD DOING IT!

You already know how GREAT you feel when you are centered. You’re happy and everything seems to magically fall into place. But how do you feel centered on purpose?

That is the key to lasting transformation and that is what you will be immersed in learning in this sacred healing program.

It's time to take back the reins of your power into your own hands and finally get all of the pieces of YOU together.

Meet Women's Happiness Expert - Elizabeth Menzel

Best selling author, speaker, and Mentor Elizabeth Menzel is the founder of the Happy Woman Academy. Motivated by healing her own chronic pain, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, Elizabeth has dedicated her life to helping women overcome the long term effects of sexism and Post Traumatic Stress. 

She combines systems based in neurobiology, somatic awareness, and mindfulness - so you get long term results in a short amount of time. Her ability to see inside of your body and energy field allow her to customize your healing experience and get to the root of your issues within moments. Real lasting change for the better happens with her skilled guidance and brain training techniques. 

Step into a life where you have the ability to feel centered & happy whenever you want.
That's what you'll learn how to do in this
Transformational Healing Program!

 I look forward to helping you connect deeply with your power in this sacred circle of women!
~Elizabeth Menzel

Feeling resistance?

I get it. Change is scary. When your issues see that they might die, they freak out and put on the breaks! Let me address your two biggest concerns...

1) "How can I be sure this training will be worth my money?"

Woman, I totally hear you. I know how much money I've wasted on promises that fall through and it's devastating. I would never do that to you.

How much money do you think you waste every month by staying stuck in a cycle of pain? How much is it worth to you if you could plug your money leaks and plug back into your power and ultimate abundance?

This training will impact every single place in your life where you feel powerless and unworthy. With money, with love, with health - every part of your life will be uplifted and transformed when you can strongly connect with your power and align with your highest good.

The Happy Woman Formula is based on how your brain needs you to do things, in the order it needs you to do it in.
 The truth is, if you use it, it HAS TO WORK, cuz it's science!

2) "I'm afraid I won't have the time."

I get how busy and full your life is. That is why the program is designed to easily fit in to your day.

Each training module of The Group Training Program only takes a few minutes when you open it. Then the training happens as just a normal part of your every day life. As you do the dishes, drive your car, or walk down the hall, you can be implementing that week's lesson. Once a week we gather for our sacred circle where you will receive motivation, healing, and support. How cool is that? 

Right now your issues waste countless hours of your life every week. Would you rather waste time on your issues or spend that time on your healing? When you look at it that way, it is pretty clear!

I don't know of any other program that is this complete. You'll replace old structures that are no longer working for you with the healthiest structure possible for your ultimate healing!

Plus, I'll be there to help you every step of the way and so will the other women in the circle. If you have that inner green light then click the button and commit to YOURSELF. I guarantee that this will work for you and be absolutely worth your time and money.

Invest In Your Self

Level One
Jump Start

The Entire 12 month Happy Woman Formula Training Course

3 months of training calls + 2 Bonus Calls

3 Non-Linear Movement Method Classes

Entrance to the Private Sacred Circle FB Support Group
Sign up today get 1 FREE ticket to the Live Weekend Sacred Training Event
($400 value)
Regular Investment: $2000 Pmt Plan
$1700 Invest in Full

Invest in Full!
Invest in Full