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A Self-Worth & Prosperity Virtual WoManifestion Circle

"The World will be saved by the Western woman." The Dalai Lama

Dear Spiritual Woman,
It's time for you to Claim Your Self-Worth
and shift into Prosperity Consciousness.

You can't save the world until you save yourself first.

Break free from the painful patterns that hold you back and unleash the self-esteem and wealth that is lying dormant inside of you.

All of those things used to be true about me! I had devastatingly low self-esteem and didn't even believe I was worth taking up space on the planet. That fed my belief that I just didn't deserve to do anything but scrape by. I worked morning til late at night, felt exhausted, & always worried about not having enough money. I severely undercharged for my services, while giving my all, which even made my clients uncomfortable! It's painful to think back to those times.

Since those poor, low self-esteem days I've released many beliefs that held me back, realized I am more than good enough, quadrupled my income - and last year made my goal of doubling it again - all while joyfully working only half of the time. 

I'm not some money guru and I still have a long way to go on my financial goals. But, I am a woman who has applied a lifetime of studying neuroscience, feminine & masculine energy principles, and the physics and neurobiology behind the law of attraction, and I can tell you for certain: the connection between self worth and prosperity consciousness is real.

I now consistenly feel like I'm MORE than enough and I attract money in ways that seem nothing short of miraculous. 

I feel angry that women have had it so hard for so long. I want to change that. In this course I make it easy for you to end your struggle and heal. One woman at a time, we might just be able to save the world.

Because you know what? YOU are MORE than enough!!!

With so much love and care, Elizabeth

 "To ensure women receive their fair share, we must provide a safe space where our value is celebrated, a place where women can shift from poverty to prosperity consciousness." 
~Elizabeth Menzel

Welcome to the "MORE than Enough" series: 
A sacred virtual women's circle to overcome your barriers to
Money, Health, & Love. 
You can participate from anywhere in the world.


Are any of these true about you?

  • You don't attract enough money.
  • Your job isn't fulfilling enough.
  • You don't have enough confidence and self-esteem.
  • You worry that you aren't good enough.
  • You want to heal your relationship with money so you have MORE than Enough!

You'll receive your own copy of my
Women's Health Best Seller 
signed with a personal blessing.

We start with spiritual women, like you, who are ready to actually embody their full power and prosperity. You come together in sacred circle to raise your self-worth and transform your money world.

Here's how "MORE Than Enough ~Money~" works:

 - Y
ou use Elizabeth's best-selling workbook, "Supercharge Your Money Vibe!" as a syllabus. 

 - Each week you focus on one chapter at a time.

 - You enter a sacred WoManifestation Circle every week for 8 weeks. This will be live over your computer in a secured private Zoom Room. You can be comfy in your pj's. 

 - You get personal attention as Elizabeth uses her phenomenal healing skills to accurately see inside of your body and energy field to tell exactly where you are blocked and help you overcome your issues.

 - You are carefully guided through your healing process with ultimate care and respect. Making leaps and bounds forward on your healing path.
This easy to follow structure & organic natural pace helps you to integrate your transformation with consistency and support - without pressure and without taking a ton of time. 

 - Plus on one of our calls we'll be joined by a 
money expert who will help you get your financial house in order!

  - And you'll be in a sacred circle of compassionate women. MAGIC!

 makes it easier than ever for you to raise your self-worth. open your receiving channels, and shift from poverty to prosperity consciousness

You can join the circle at the personal growth level or upgrade to include your professional growth too!!

(I hope you think this sounds awesome because I think this is awesome.) 

Now is YOUR time to Receive.

Personal Growth Circle


Your own copy of "SuperCharge Your Money Vibe!" Workbook

Entire 8 weeks of WoManifestation Circles

3 Non-Linear Movement Method Classes

Membership in FB Private WoManifestation Circle Support Group
Sign up today get a FREE ticket to the Release to Receive Workshop

($200 value)

The regular Investment for this course is $997
Only $497
for the first 10 women who commit!
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Professional Growth Circle


Everything from the
Personal Level Plus
How to:

Work less & earn MORE.

Overcome your fear of Success.

Get Your Career in Alignment with your highest good.

Receive Your Worth

Keep your Energy UP all day!

Nail Your Key Messages

Big Bonus
Guidance from a Media & PR coach!
Only $697
for the first 10 women who commit!
Boost My Career!

Here are 3 Reasons This Course Will Help You Become the Most Worthy & Prosperous You Have Ever Felt -
No Matter Where You Are Starting From Right Now!

#1 Get to the root of the issue.
You are a complex being. Your mind can be very tricky and hide what is really blocking your success and happiness. But the healing systems I’m trained in enable me to see through all of your blocks and get directly to the root of the issue every time. As long as you are truly willing to heal, you will receive what you need to be directly on the path to overcoming even your toughest issues.
#2 Go beyond mindset.
Mindset is a wonderful healing tool, but it can’t create the transformation you truly desire all on its own. No holding back here, make new neural pathways in your brain, increase your vibrational frequency, open your receiving channels, and consciously create the physical world changes you want now & for your future.
#3 Gain science based knowledge coupled with experiential wisdom.
I’ve had over 12 years of education and 25 years of professional practice - I know how to take you through every stage of the healing process. You will not simply be “broken open” or re-traumatized and then left to pick up the pieces. You are guaranteed to have a very safe, real, and thoroughly transformational experience.

Meet Women's Happiness Expert - Elizabeth Menzel

Best selling author, speaker, and mentor, Elizabeth Menzel, is the founder of the Happy Woman Academy. Motivated by healing her own chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, Elizabeth has dedicated her life to helping women overcome the long term effects of sexism and Post Traumatic Stress so they can Feel their Worth & Manifest what they Want. 

She combines systems based in neurobiology, somatic awareness, energy medicine, and mindfulness - so you get long term results in a short amount of time. Her ability to see inside of your body and energy field allow her to customize your healing experience and get to the root of your issues within moments. Real lasting change for the better happens with her skilled guidance and brain training techniques. 

What is a WoManifestion Circle?

We follow a proven format to create a safe space for women to master the art of deep listening and speaking from the heart, empathy, and profound wisdom. This enables the women in the circle to move forward & manifest what they want from their power instead of pain. 

What it is NOT:
Shame & Blame
Staying stuck manifesting the same thing over and over

Stay tuned for upcoming courses in the "MORE than Enough" Series:
MORE than Enough ~Love~
MORE than Enough ~Health~

When Women Gather in a Circle, MAGIC HAPPENS.
Excited to share the magic with you soon!
~Elizabeth Menzel

Feeling resistance?

I get it. Change is scary. When your issues see that they might die, they freak out and put on the brakes! Let me address your two biggest concerns...

1) "How can I be sure this course will be worth my money?"

Woman, I totally hear you. I know how much money I've wasted on promises that fall through and it's devastating. I would never do that to you.

How much money do you think you waste every month by staying stuck in a cycle of pain? How much is it worth to you if you could plug your money leaks and embody your self-worth and ultimate abundance?

You will learn exactly what has already worked for me and my clients. It will work for you too. Plus it will be a joyfilled positive experience that you will look forward too!

2) "I'm afraid I won't have the time."

I get how busy and full your life is. That is why this course is designed to easily fit in to your life.

Each chapter is very short and easy to do. Once a week we gather for our sacred circle where you will receive motivation, healing, and support. How cool is that? 

Right now your issues waste countless hours of your life every week. Would you rather waste time on your issues or spend that time on your healing? When you look at it that way, it is pretty clear!

You'll replace old structures & beliefs that are no longer working for you with the healthiest possible for your highest good!

Plus, I'll be there to help you every step of the way and so will the other women in the circle. If you have that inner green light then click the button and commit to YOURSELF. This will absolutely be worth your time & money.

The wealth of the Universe wants to flow through you. Let it. 

Personal Growth Circle

Only $497
for the first 10 women who commit!
Secure My Spot!

Professional Growth Circle

Only $697
for the first 10 women who commit!
Boost my Career!