When Bad Things Happen to Good Women:
How to Reclaim Happiness - Even After Trauma 

A Science Backed Formula for Empowered Women 

Special guest: Elizabeth Menzel, best selling women's health author of the "Supercharge Your Health, Love, & Money Vibe" workbook series and founder of The Happy Woman Academy.

You're a good woman who's been through some tough times. You've already done so much to heal... 

So, why won't your chronic tension go away? What's up with always giving more than you get? Will you ever feel safe again?  

Join Elizabeth Menzel to discover how you can overcome those "un-healable issues" by using safe and effective science backed methods that healthy, happy, successful people (like Oprah) use! 

In this lively session you’ll learn:

  • The #1 reason you don't get paid your worth and how to make sure you do.

  • How to safely release chronic tension & stuck emotions while gaining energy.

  • How to increase your ability to feel safe and reclaim your confidence. 

It's not fair, but bad things happen to good women. And then you don't feel so good anymore. Even though you are successful in many ways, self-doubt creeps in and you can switch between being a doormat, acting out, or feeling paralyzed like a deer in headlights.

You give so much but get less in return, your neck and shoulders are always tense, you're tired but feel guilty so keep pushing yourself harder, and sometimes... sometimes you secretly wish that you could just stop the ride.

Imagine that there is a simple thing that you can do FOR FREE that quickly allows all of that to change. If you are ready to let go of trauma and baggage from the past, release chronic pain and tension, feel more love, and finally get paid your worth, then let Elizabeth teach you how. Book her to speak at your event, office, or gathering of 6 to 60,000 people. She specializes in supporting women, but co-ed audiences are welcome.


A copy of her best-selling workbook, "Supercharge Your Health Vibe!" 
A step by step guide that simplifies attracting the health you want. 
Connect with Elizabeth
  1. Meet Women's Happiness Expert, Elizabeth Menzel

  2. Elizabeth Menzel is a best-selling author, speaker, and founder of The Happy Woman Academy, where she uses systems based in neurobiology, mindfulness, and compassion to teach women how to feel happy – even after trauma.  


  4. Motivated by healing her own chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and PTSD, Elizabeth has dedicated her life to helping women overcome the long term effects of sexism and PTSD.


  6. Her clientele are some of the most influential people in the world, including multiple billionaire industry moguls, Olympic athletes, international heads of state, and celebrity stars like Britney Spears, Simon Cowell, and Sharon Stone, just to name a few.


  8. Elizabeth and her partner, women's rights activist Dale Thomas Vaughn, have been featured as a “Power Couple of Los Angeles” and have won the “LA Weekly Best of LA” award for their Transformational Workshops.She travels the globe giving her award winning workshops and having as much fun as possible while uplifting the state of womanhood on the planet.


  10. Click here to connect with Elizabeth today to have her speak at your next event.