Tromsø, Norway - Saturday February 17, 2018 - 11h-17h

The Release to Receive Workshop  

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Nordic Heal for Real Tour dates:

Stockholm Feb 13: Non-Linear Movement Method Class

Tromsø Feb 17: The Release to Receive Full Day workshop

Oslo Feb 22: Non-Linear Movement Method Class


The Release to Receive Workshop is for You if:

  • You are ready to let go of trauma & baggage from the past.
  • You're willing to heal your relationship with money & get paid your worth. 
  • You want to release chronic pain & tension
  • You yearn to feel more love & sensual pleasure.
  • You want to make your big impact in the world and you aren't going to let that old b.s. stand in your way another day! 
  • You like a mentor that walks her talk, has a big heart, and won't let you hide!


The Release to Receive Workshop is an introduction to the powerful Release to Receive Method™. It's designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through releasing old pain and trauma not only in the mind and emotions, but also at a cellular level, so you can clear the way for the Love, Health, Money, Energy, Relationships, Career, and Positive Life Situations that are trying to get through to you - all while feeling safe, strong, and empowered. 

This transformative workshop is for advanced practitioners and beginners alike. You will walk away feeling renewed, energized, and confident - with a self-healing method you can use for the rest of your life. If you want to find out what's at the root of your "unhealable" issues, then create a positive alchemical shift in body and mind, you want to take this workshop. 

Tromsø, Norway - Saturday, February 17

10:45am-11am: Arrive & settle in

11am-12pm: Clarity

12pm-1pm: Movement 

1pm-2pm: Nourishment (please bring your own lunch & healthy snacks)

2pm-5pm: Embodiment


Before coming to The Happy Woman Academy, I was having a hard time navigating a troubled relationship, unsure about where to live, unhealthy, challenged by tough situations at work, and felt I was lacking. The support of the programs gave me the tools to respond to ups and downs in a way that solved those issues and allows me to live in a way that prevents many future issues! I’m now at a job I love, happily married, and we just bought a new house! L.L. - Los Angeles, CA

I joined The Happy Woman Academy last year because I felt an overall yearning for a community of like-minded people. Back then, thinking about my finances really stressed me out, but within a month I no longer felt overwhelmed or stressed about money! Elizabeth is a truly gifted healer and in her strength, wisdom, compassion, and integrity, she helps you feel empowered. R.M. - Los Angeles, CA

I joined a Happy Woman Academy Program a few months ago and I instantly started to feel more self-esteem and less willing to tolerate abuse from my partner. My chest even felt more lifted after the first circle! In the past two months my financial state has improved dramatically and my relationship with my daughter has also improved. Thank you for creating The Happy Woman Academy! C.H. - Los Angeles, CA

My issues around romance and career were making me act unkind and I felt overwhelmed. Everything seemed too tough to deal with and I couldn't move forward. I just recently joined The Happy Woman Academy and the instant yet strong bond between the women is really special. After my first workshop I had a big break-through regarding trust and it has allowed me to feel more complete and be more patient, open, and honest in my relationships. My sister recommended I work with Elizabeth and I feel so great in her presence that I’ve continued to work with her privately. Elizabeth is awesome! A.M. - Calabasas, CA

Before working with Elizabeth, I was experiencing a lack in my career, romantic life, and finances. I did not believe I was worthy to have what I truly desired nor did I know how it would be possible. After attending a workshop I felt less attached to my issues and I could separate my issues from my Being and approach it all with more joy and more smarts. The Happy Woman Academy has changed my life and I am so grateful for Elizabeth and the work she is doing. Now I am proud to be a woman - wise, sexy, and strong! C.S. - Santa Monica, CA

Within a month of my first workshop I noticed I have a more positive and serene attitude. Sharing with others with total openness and trust is so important, and you can really feel the support and energy of the other women in the circle. I needed the support, love, and great energy of this community. GO! You'll meet wonderful people and will feel the positive energy of the circle if you're willing to share, help, and get help. Elizabeth is a great healer and a very positive person. I'm so happy I found you! Thank you! V.Z - Hollywood, CA

Before working with Elizabeth I was shielding my heart, blocking the sensations so I would not get hurt. After the workshop I started to see changes as I was able to allow the emotions out of me and share them with my partner, finally experiencing the warmth I had been missing. I think the healing was so effective because Elizabeth creates a safe space to open up and be vulnerable in a circle of non-judgmental and supportive women. Go! Now! Worst case you will meet some lovely women. Best case you will leave changed and strengthened. T.W. - Los Angeles, CA

Before my first Happy Woman Academy workshop, I felt like I was on an endless treadmill with the same problems. My love life, home, career, emotions, and money issues were all impacting my life in a major way and no matter which way I turned, there they were. I figured out that I couldn’t do this alone anymore. I started seeing positive results after 1 workshop! Instead of staying stuck, I got unstuck. In less than I year I’ve opened myself to new positive possibilities and gained a soul freedom and strength that I never knew was in me. S.T. - Venice, CA

I used to be very private and closed about my feelings prior to The Happy Woman Academy. Afterwards I'm able to connect openly and honestly with friends and family. This took about 3-6 months of participating in a training program. I'm also able to identify issues with a broader perspective now and I communicate more effectively. I think the programs are so effective because of Elizabeth's calm but direct approach and a great group of supportive women. So my advice is JUST DO IT! Go to a workshop and engage in the programs. The HWA Rocks! C.C. - Burbank, CA

Before joining The Happy Woman Academy program I was struggling to allow closeness in my life and it was putting a strain on my relationships. Within a few days after the first workshop I saw closeness show up in my friendships in a way I had not expected, they were so super supportive and I was able to let myself lean on them in my time of need. Since then I have been getting stronger and becoming more clear on what I want and I feel more open to Being in my life. M.D. - Bev Hills, CA

I’ve been working with Elizabeth since before The Happy Woman Academy began. Unsatisfying dating partners and chronic pain were the two main issues in my life. My change tends to be slow and organic, yet I started seeing results in just a few days. Elizabeth is great at keeping things "clean", so women get to experience communication that is consistently and genuinely supportive. The other women in the circle are wise and can see things about yourself that you can't. Come to a workshop, that is the fastest, easiest way to find out if it is right for you. E.L. - Los Angeles, CA

I came to Elizabeth over a year ago because I knew I needed help with my career. I was afraid of asking for help because I didn’t want to be seen as annoying, demanding, or selfish. When I met with Elizabeth, I could sense a woman tapped into rivers that ran deep with understanding, maybe even deeper than I was familiar within myself. I had been coming from the stance that I must DO everything and MAKE things happen in my life, then one night, I let go for a moment and came to the realization that some situations I just can't do anything about it no matter how hard I want to. That was painfully humbling and intensely freeing. Even if you’re not at a crisis point, get in here. I had my first real life crisis after a year of being in a program and I found myself equipped to handle it because I had practiced in milder climate. J.A. - Thousand Oaks, CA 

Before coming to my first HWA workshop I was struggling with my partner, career, and emotions and I felt a lot of stress, anger, frustration, and depression. I signed up with the HWA program less than a year ago and immediately noticed changes. Like I feel more relaxed and I now know how to deal with stress and can respond calmly to triggers that used to upset me. Recently, I was able to make an important decision based on what I felt was best for me, instead of putting someone else’s desires before my own wellbeing. My advice to you wonderful women out there who may be interested is: WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Get your beautiful self into the The Happy Woman Academy and watch your life transform. I am so grateful to have this healing program & 1-1 healings in my life and want to thank Elizabeth for her commitment to helping women in need. I love you E!!! M.K. - West Hollywood, CA

Confidentiality and safety are very important to us. That is why full names and photos are not provided for the testimonials. I feel confident that you can tell they are honest to goodness real HWA members!

About Healing Mentor Elizabeth Menzel

Elizabeth has worked with some of the most influential people in the world, including billionaire industry moguls, academic thought-leaders, and international heads of state. Elizabeth also has a star clientelle including Brittany Spears, Simon Cowel, and Sharon Stone, just to name a few. 

Elizabeth combines her 24 years of physics based energy healing, brain training, and Conscious Manifestation Embodiment work with a powerful somatic technique: The Non-Linear Movement Method®. Motivated by healing her own depression and PTSD, Elizabeth has dedicated her life to helping others overcome the effects of abuse, neglect, and self-doubt. She's a 7 time best selling author who has traveled the world facilitating thousands of healings and has delivered over 300 of her award winning workshops. Click here to read Elizabeth's full bio and story. 

The Release to Receive Method™ Details

The Release to Receive Method™ has 3 phases: Clarity – Movement – Embodiment 

1) Clarity: During this phase you’ll become crystal clear on exactly what it is you need to let go of; the trauma, stuck emotions, and painful thoughts that are taking up space and holding you back from achieving what you want. Sure you are aware of many things you’d like to change in your life, but during this phase you’ll also reveal some hidden baggage that was hiding in your subconscious, just out of reach. 

2) Movement: I’ll introduce you to The Non-Linear Movement Method®, created by my mentor Michaela Boehm, and you’ll get to experience this safe but powerful way to:  

  • Smooth out the nervous system: The demands of modern life create stress and tension in the body and an overactive mind. The NLM Method encourages an identifying and unwinding of the patterns of contraction and through gentle, non-force movements relieves the bodily tension and underlying mental loops. The result is a systematic, self-guided unburdening of the nervous system.
  • Process and identify emotions: As the body unwinds and the mind relaxes its pressured pace, the emotions associated with these patterns become apparent and are being let go of. You can note recurring emotional loops for further processing and at the same time allow emotions to simply rise and release.
  • Release trauma patterns into flow: One of the results of traumatic experience (fresh and old alike) is “freeze”, a state in which body, mind and emotions are stuck in a state of numbness. Often “freeze” is falsely perceived as a feeling of “calm/nothing”, which results in an inability to release the experience and ease the bodily patterns. The NLM facilitates a continued movement, which gently opens the freeze pattern and allows for recognition and release of the underlying bodily and emotional patterns. Unite mind and body in intimacy with physical sensation Through continued engagement with the release of contraction and facilitation of emotional awareness the engrained patterns become apparent and less pronounced. Over time physical sensation can be engaged with and the acceptance and tolerance of all sensation increases. Intimacy with whatever is present is possible.
  • Creates high bodily responsiveness: NLMM educates the body how to release and process contractions, stress and emotional tension. The body becomes highly attuned to all sensations and can note, react or release fluidly and without having to attend to traumatic or suppressed backlog. Opens access to bodily wisdom By putting emphasis on movement and circumventing the analytical mind and loops of tense thinking the natural intelligence of our bodies is accessed. Through gentle guidance the mechanisms of “freeze” and refusal to feel are being loosened and bodily wisdom can create the necessary actions and releases.
  • Awaken sexual energy and sensual sensation: As tension, contraction and emotion are being released the body becomes sensitized and we are able to feel deeper. One of the marked results of this sensitization is an ability to feel increased pleasure and well being. Participants report an increased ability to connect through their body, both with themselves and others. 

Non-Linear Movement® is facilitated on a mat or blanket with your eyes closed; no-one can see you doing it. Participants dress similar to a Yoga or Dance Class, in comfortable, non-restrictive clothing. Please bring your own mat, blanket, journal, and pen.

3) Embodiment: After releasing what no longer serves you, you’ll be primed and ready to feel the vibrational match to the EXACT people & things you want to experience in your life. Elizabeth’s ability to perceive inside of your body and energy field coupled with her advanced healing skills are there to support you. You’ll have a powerful experience of embodying the precise frequencies you need to open your receiving channels and let in the Love, Health, and Money you want. People say this is a very profound and life changing phase. Prepare to be amazed by how empowered you feel, even in the areas that used to feel debilitating.

You will walk away feeling renewed, energized, and confident - with a self-healing method you can use for the rest of your life. If you want to find out what's at the root of your "unhealable" issues then create a positive alchemical shift in body & mind, you want to take this workshop. Get your ticket now.

We Love The Happy Woman Academy!


Tromsø, Norway Saturday February 17, 2018 - Only 930nok