It's time to Clean out Your Closet & Share ABUNDANCE!

The Clothing Swap Party!!


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Let go of the old to make room for the new!

What makes this Clothing Swap Party so special?

We even have a Pop-Up Shop!

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Meet Your Hosts: Elizabeth Menzel, Melissa Dubois Jenkins, & Christie Dutcher

Elizabeth is the founder of the award winning Happy Woman Academy.
Her best-selling workbooks and  brain training programs focus on helping women feel
POWERFUL, WORTHY, AND HAPPY - even after trauma.

Melissa is the founder of RYS Conscious Fitness.
She supports women to achieve true holistic fitness in body and mind through
brain based neural movement training and wellness coaching programs. 

Christie is the founder of Goddess Exchange. An abundance sharing Facebook group where Pittsburgh women meet to exchange clothes, shoes, & accessories. This is their first LIVE EVENT! 

Our mission is to uplift the state of womanhood locally & around the globe!