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An Invitation Only
Science Based Sacred Training for Spiritual Women

May 24- 26, 2019    Tromsø, Norway

Join International Healer Elizabeth Menzel on a deep inner journey of healing.

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If you’re reading this,
it’s because you are READY to release past pain and live as the happiest version of yourself.

The Happy Woman Sacred Healing Event is your chance to EXPERIENCE yourself as centered, worthy, powerful, happy, and energized yet relaxed.

Connect in safe and sacred space with other compassionate women who value their well-being.
 You will leave with the tools you need to feel centered & powerful, no matter what you've gone through in the past, or what life throws at you in the future.

This healing event is all about YOU!  
At this highly experiential training, not only will you have a direct and sustained experience of feeling centered, powerful, and worthy - Elizabeth will give you all the tools you need to keep it going long after you leave the event - guaranteed.

Are any of these true about you?

- You take care of everyone & everything else first and put yourself last.
- Sometimes you feel lonely, even when you are with other people.
- You don't like asking for help. 
- “Negative energy” throws you off and brings you down.
- You’re scared that you won't ever have enough or feel like you are enough.
- You are so busy doing what everyone else wants you to do, that you've lost track of what makes you happy. 

If you resonate with even one thing on that list, I have great news:
You are definitely in the right place to learn how to end the struggle and heal!  

"You deserve to be successful, healthy, and well-loved."
~Elizabeth Menzel

The Happy Woman Sacred Healing Event is
a Science Based Sacred Training for spiritual women who are ready to stand strong in their full power!

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Meet Your Mentors:
6 Women with Wholehearted Dedication
to Transforming Women's Lives 

Elizabeth Menzel

Founder & CEO of The Happy Woman Academy
Best selling author, speaker, and Happy Woman Mentor Elizabeth Menzel is the founder of the award winning Happy Woman Academy. Elizabeth combines neuroscience & physics based healing systems with a large dose of compassion and humor – so you get long-term results in a short amount of time.

Her ability to see inside of your body and energy field allow her to customize your healing experience and get to the root of your issues within moments. Real lasting change for the better happens in her healing sessions and events. Click here for Elizabeth's ful story and bio.

Kristen Nolan

The Luv Your Body Mentor
Kristen is a health, fitness, and metabolism expert who helps women transform their lives by learning how to take back control of their own bodies and finally feel good about themselves again. Stress, hectic lifestyles, yo-yo dieting and the natural effects of aging all work together to throw a body’s metabolism out of balance. Kristen helps women learn the right way to naturally raise their metabolism to eliminate cravings, lose weight, and feel fit and energized for life.

Michaela Boehm

Intimacy & Sexuality Expert
Michaela Boehm teaches and counsels internationally as an expert in intimacy and sexuality. Born and raised in Austria, Michaela combines her background in psychology and extensive clinical experience with her in-depth training in the yogic arts as a classical Kashmiri Tantric lineage holder into a unique offering of experiential learning. She is passionate about teaching skills that enhance deep intimacy, lasting attraction and give each participant the tools for full embodiment and capacity. 

Are you ready to become the
Happiest Version of Yourself?
This Sacred Training Event is for You if you're a spiritual, compassionate woman and you are ready to:

  • Stand Strong in to your Power and Raise your Happiness set point.
  • Release long term mental blocks and emotional pain.
  • Increase your self-esteem and confidence.
  • Love and Accept Your Body .
  • Go from being stressed out to Relaxed and in the Flow.
  • Connect deeply with a romantic partner.
  • Get into Alignment with Your Highest Good.
  • Create physical healing at a cellular level.
  • Train Your Brain in the fastest easiest way possible!

Step into a life where you have the ability to
feel centered & happy whenever you want.
Here’s a quick peek at
The Happy Woman Sacred Healing Event
Day 1, Friday May 24, 19h-21h

We will gather, connect, break bread, and I’ll set you up for success to receive the full benefits of the weekend’s training. Your friends and family are welcome to join us for the first 90 minutes. Then we will enter the safe & sacred space in an Opening Centering Ceremony for event participants only.

Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking 

Clinical Psychologist and Life Coach
Dr. Sarah Reiff-Hekking is the founder of True Focus Coaching Inc. A speaker and coach with 20 years of experience, she is passionate about helping smart people that have a hard time managing their time and tasks, figure out a way that works for them. She believes that you have to find the time management system that works for you, that solutions are found by paying attention to the present moment, and that just like Michelangelo had to chip away at the stone to find the statue, we have to get rid of all the extra stuff that isn’t the core of your life.

Day 2, Saturday May 25, 10h-20h

Saturday morning - Improve how you feel in the quickest way possible! We start the day off with step 2 of The Happy Woman Formula: BREATH. 

You will learn very powerful yet simple techniques that signal your brain that you are safe and create "feel good hormones." You will also discover how to easily and quickly create new neural pathways to feeling centered and relaxed all day long.

Next up on the sacred training is step 3 of The Happy Woman Formula: BODY.
Do you say mean things to yourself and judge your body? That ends today!
You’ll learn:
 - how to listen to what your body is trying to tell you, 
 - how to make friends with your body,
 - how to ease discomfort & reduce pain,
 - a secret of conscious manifestation that will be a game changer for you and your life,
 - and you'll experience feeling good in your skin.  

After dramatically improving your relationship with your body it will be on to training in Step 4 of The Happy Woman Formula: BE. Forcing yourself keep pushing until you are burned out doesn't do you, your career, or your family any good

When you give yourself some time to BE, happy hormones get produced in the brain, your mind
 comes up with great new ideas, your work becomes enjoyable, and you become more successful

You’ll learn my proven trick to instantly drop into meditation, turn off stress, and switch over your brainwaves to a calm healing state, no matter where you are.  

Day 3, Sunday May 26, 10h-17h

Sunday morning we will dive straight into step 5 of The Happy Woman Formula: BOLD.
This is the step where you take both Inner World & Outer World Actions to bring yourself to center.

You will Learn:
 - how to lower your stress levels & raise your happiness set points
 - how to use attraction energy to get what you want
 - when to call for help and when to go it alone
 - how to end self doubt and trust yourself to make good decisions

By the end of this event you'll be able to quickly & easily feel strong, centered, relaxed, & energized - ready to take on your life in a whole new way!

                 How Perfect does all of that sound?

Every Woman is a VIP!

We want you to feel included, deeply nourished, and completely taken care during our magical 3 days together. You will be held and supported as you relax, let go, and embrace the powerful happy woman that lives inside of you. This is an intimate invitation only gathering, so you are sure to get the attention you need.
You will be nurtured by caring attention, soft lighting, soothing sounds, delicious meals, and of course; constant Tromsø sunlight!
    At The Happy Woman Epic Healing Event You'll Receive:

 - The Entire weekend of Training with all subsequent materials.
 - Plenty of opportunities for personalized healing attention from Elizabeth.
 - A Light Supper on Friday, Lunch & Dinner on Saturday, & Lunch on Sunday.

Don’t let your health go downhill & your loved ones suffer in the name of work and stress. You deserve to feel Powerful, Worthy, and Happy. 
Say “YES!” and get plugged into the Happy Woman you are Deep Inside!

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Heartfelt thanks to The Happy Woman Academy...

S. B.

"Elizabeth and her work have entirely changed my perspective on life and most importantly changed how I treat myself. She has taught me how to give myself the kindness and compassion I need, and helped me discover what true self-care feels like. By breaking my cycles of self-sabotage and self-abuse, I am now able to receive healthy love and support in all areas of my life. I am in a wonderfully loving and joyful marriage, and by reminding myself to put her tools deeper into practice this year, my career is the stuff my dreams are made of. I am often wary of guru-mentality and people who sell a bunch of bs. What I love about Elizabeth's work is there's a tangible, practical value and she walks her talk. She has helped me learn how to ask for what I need and trust my own wisdom. I can think of nothing more empowering and valuable than that."

C. S.

"I was experiencing a lack in my career, romantic life, and finances. I did not believe I was worthy to have what I truly desired nor did I know how it would be possible. After working with Elizabeth, I felt less attached to my issues and within a couple of months I could separate my issues from my Being and approach it all with more joy and more smarts. Through trying times at work and with job changes, I learned how to remain feminine and loving. For me The Happy Woman Academy is a place to seek strength, wisdom, skills, and love. I feel so safe there that I can open to share whatever is on my mind and remain vulnerable. This openness allows me to learn from other women as well as offer my heart to them. It’s a very powerful space that I believe all women yearn for in their lives. Be ready for change and ready to learn!"

A. H. 

"I came to the HWA over a year ago because I knew I needed help with my career.  I was afraid of asking for help because I didn’t want to be seen as annoying, demanding, or selfish. When I met with Elizabeth, I could sense a woman tapped into rivers that ran deep with understanding, maybe even deeper than I was familiar within myself. I had been coming from the stance that I must DO everything and MAKE things happen in my life, then one night, I let go for a moment and came to the realization that some situations I just can't do anything about it no matter how hard I want to. That was painfully humbling and intensely freeing. Even if you’re not at a crisis point, get in here. I had my first real life crisis after a year of being in HWA programs and I found myself equipped to handle it because I had practiced in milder climate."

Here are 3 Reasons This Sacred Healing Event Will Help You Become the Most Centered, Powerful, & Worthy You Have Ever Felt -
No Matter Where You Are Starting From Right Now!

#1 Get to the root of the issue.
You are a complex being. Your mind can be very tricky and hide what is really blocking your success and happiness. But the healing systems I’m trained in enables me to see through all of that and get directly to the root of the issue every time. As long as you are truly willing to heal, you will receive what you need to be directly on the path to overcoming even your toughest issues.
#2 Go beyond mindset.
Mindset is a wonderful healing tool, but it can’t create the transformation you truly desire all on its own. No holding back here, learn the fastest easiest ways possible to use your body, brain, and energy to make new neural pathways & consciously create the changes you want now, and in your future.
#3 Gain science based knowledge coupled with experiential wisdom.
I’ve had 10 years of education and 25 years of professional practice and I know how to take you through every stage of the healing process. You will not simply be “broken open” or re-traumatized and then left to pick up the pieces. You are guaranteed to have a very safe, real, and thoroughly transformational weekend.

Yes, this is very serious personal growth work, but you know what the best thing about this is? 
                                                YOU’LL HAVE FUN AND FEEL GOOD DOING IT!

You already know how GREAT you feel when you are centered. You’re happy and everything seems to magically fall into place. But how do you feel centered on purpose? That is the key to lasting transformation and that is what you will be immersed in learning at this sacred healing event.

When you put these foundational steps in place, all of the other healing you are doing in your life will finally work right!

It's time to take back the reins of your power into your own hands and finally get all of the pieces of YOU together.

Step into a life where you have the ability to feel centered & happy whenever you want.
That's what you'll learn how to do at this
Transformational Healing Event!

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 I look forward to sharing a sacred healing
weekend with you, full of fun and happiness!
~Elizabeth Menzel