Calm, Energized, & Productive:
The antidote to burnout on your team!

A Proven 5 Step System Based in Neurobiology and Mindfulness.

Special guest: Elizabeth Menzel, Womens Happiness Expert, best selling author and founder of The Happy Woman Academy.

Sick days, distractions, low morale, these all affect your bottom line. Get you and your team back on track and repair the wellness infrastructure that is an integral pillar of a successful business.

Discover how your inner world can either catapult or undermine the success of your business. Especially now with the added chaos and stress of the pandemic, it's time you and your team ends the cycle of burnout without losing your professional edge. 

In this lively interactive session you’ll learn how to:

  • Decrease sick days

  • Get your staff excited to come to work.

  • Stop getting distracted & sabotaging your productivity.

  • Feel calm while being more creative & focused.

  • If working from home, how to switch between work and personal time.

  1. Don’t let your health go downhill in the name of work, or else you run the risk of taking your career down too. You deserve to enjoy a wildly successful business that’s in alignment with your integrity, promotes good health, and keeps the bottom line up at the same time.

  2. Scientific studies prove that you are MORE PRODUCTIVE, MAKE BETTER DECISIONS, & YOUR QUALITY IMPROVES, when you are less stressed out.

  3. You really can crush it at your career without crushing your wellbeing. It’s time to press the easy button and succeed while feeling calm, energized, and keeping your head in the game! Let Elizabeth teach you exactly how.


    A digital copy of her best-selling workbook, "Supercharge Your Health Vibe!" 
Connect with Elizabeth
  1. About Elizabeth Menzel 

  2. Best selling author Elizabeth Menzel is the founder of the award winning Happy Woman Academy. Her writing and programs focus on teaching smart women how to overcome the effects of trauma so they can enjoy massive success in their career, health, and love life.

  3. From A-list celebrities and Olympic athletes to school teachers and CEO’s, Elizabeth has decades of rave reviews: “After working with Elizabeth I feel happier and more relaxed than I have in years... maybe ever. I work half the hours, love my career, and the money keeps rolling in! Thank you Elizabeth, you’ve saved my life!" T.S., Fashion Designer. “After all of these years of searching, you’ve helped me like no other has. This is so real, so practical, I can easily LIVE this way and I feel happier day by day.” G.B. Financial Advisor. 

  4. Elizabeth combines systems based in neurobiology & mindfulness - with a large dose of practicality and humor – so you get long-term results in a short amount of time. She is living proof as are the countless happy people she's helped!

  5. Elizabeth Menzel and her partner Dale Thomas Vaughn have been featured as a “Power Couple of Los Angeles” and have won the “LA Weekly Best of LA” award for their Transformational Workshops. Click here to connect with Elizabeth today to have her speak at your next event.